Customised courses

Not sure what you want or need? Talk to us – we can help and advise you.

Below are some ideas of courses we have run in the past for our clients. Feel free to mix and match these ideas to create your own customised course.

Introduction to Deaning

Working with students and adults to facilitating positive change, managing group meetings, working with difficult adults, learn practical techniques.

Differentiation of the curriculum

Simple doable strategies that help teachers begin this journey without getting bogged down with philosophical debate!

The role of the Form teacher

Moving beyond taking the register. A practical guide to the human side of Form Teaching; help to move from horizontal to vertical grouping.

Drug and Sexuality education

From setting up your programme to training your staff to teach the ‘tricky stuff’, great ideas for interesting activities.

Teacher Aides

How to create highly functioning ‘Teacher Aides’. High quality practical training both for teachers and teacher Aides.

Parenting Adolescences

2 hour workshops that focus on areas such as worry v normal adolescent behaviour, problem solving, negotiating, setting and following through on consequences. Or learn about risk taking behaviour and how to manage the hard calls around sex, drugs and alcohol.