What our clients say

“Dear Margaret! Thank you so much for all your inspirational input over the last few weeks. You have encouraged us all to look closer at our own practice and how we can be better at what we do in order to create the best learning environment for our children. We hope to see more of you in the future and that this was the beginning of a long lasting relationship. We wish you a safe trip home. Thank you once again”
“From all of us at Tiurleiken Skole” Oslo, Norway

“The Behaviour Management course was extremely beneficial to my professional development as it has given me specific tools to use in order to manage my students in the classroom. Margaret Ross was well spoken and knowledgeable, using humour and her many years of experience to share strategies we were able to implement the next day. The course challenged my thinking around behaviour management, asking me to focus not on the behaviour itself, but the reason behind the behaviour in order to address and prevent it in the future. I would thoroughly recommend this course to all teachers.”
Teacher who attended Practical Classroom Management Course Macleans College, Bucklands Beach, Auckland – August 2016

“Thanks for your inspiring and thought provoking ‘talk’ with and for the teachers and beyond”
Yvonne Browning, Principal
Southland Girls High School, Invercargill

“Margaret Ross is an excellent confident speaker and a motivation to others” “You have a wealth of knowledge which must be given to the next generations (All schools must get to know you and hear you!)
Teachers who both attended PRT 1 & 2 Practical Management Course Auckland 2015
Epsom Girls Grammar School, Auckland

“I would absolutely love to attend (Day 1 was the best piece of PD I have ever had), … Thanks for checking”
Teacher who attended PRT 1 & 2 Practical Management Course Auckland 2014
Glenfield College, North Shore, Auckland

“I am a teacher from Wairoa College and I would like to say thank you for today’s presentation. It has been refreshing to have someone REAL stand up in front of us and speak how a REAL teacher feels and behaves. So therefore I felt it was relatable, that it is not rocket science nor is it far from my values. Simple steps that are what we are doing but in a more effective way. ..”
Wairoa College, Wairoa

“The staff got a great deal from the session. Many of them commented that they have never really thought about the best way to utilise another adult in the room. Many are rethinking their practice. We all appreciated your humour and it made the grave yard shift bearable.”
Deputy Principal
Summerland Primary School, Henderson, Auckland

“I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation yesterday. Your use of humour, excellent timing and outstanding messages made for a memorable conference. All teachers would benefit from hearing your message.”
Principal- Neil Towersey Te Puna School, Tauranga

“Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us in such a humourous way! We have enjoyed every minute of it and feel very blessed. We are certainly motivated for the year ahead and look forward to working with you this year”
Motivating Students and preparing your classroom
Staff Thank You from Taumarunui High School

“This was my first session with Margaret so I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. However, she proved to be a down-to-earth, practical, engaging and easy to relate to presenter. I found her notes useful, without being too much information, and she adapted easily to where all of us were at and what we needed out of the session. Margaret has clearly got a great deal of experience in this area, as her examples were perfect (so many and so appropriate to each situation) and she was able to interact with each of us, giving many thought- provoking tips and skills for the future (both at school and in our personal lives)
Prospective Dean- Burnside High School, Christchurch

“When you are a 2nd year teacher you can start getting tired and perhaps a bit cynical.
This course helped me go back to how it was when I first started out- Determined to make a difference.”
“Really good. Good mix of instructor delivery and group/individual exercises.”
Year 2 Teachers- Teaching Motivation to the un-motivated course. Wellington Secondary Schools

“Just wanted to say thanks very much for your talk at Burnside High School. I really enjoyed it, and as a first year teacher I got a lot out of it. Many thanks!
…I look forward to future seminars!”
First Year Teacher Burnside High School

“Thank you for all your wonderful work with our staff Margaret. I have enjoyed our association and I always registered our staff on your courses totally secure in the knowledge that they were going to receive the optimum in Professional Development. Thank You”
Liz Dixon
retired DP Manurewa High School

“Many thanks for the work you did with staff on Friday of last week. The feed back that I have received has been very positive and it certainly is the focus that we wanted to start the year with. I would have liked to have sat in on one of the House sessions, but circumstances conspired against me, but i really did enjoy the opening section”
Deputy Rector
St Patrick’s College, Wellington

“I would like to thank you formally for organising the Behavioural Management Workshop with Margaret Ross, it was a very engaging and topical program and an opportunity to learn about and discuss real classroom challenges we have all faced and to focus on ways to achieve positive teaching outcomes.
Margaret is a true professional. It was especially a pleasure to be on the receiving end of teaching once again.”
Christchurch- High School