Mentoring and teaching mentoring

The mentoring we provide is tailored to individual client’s. Past clients have been individual leaders of small teams who have struggled with managing the team as a collective group, leaders who are new to an organization, individual team members or teachers who are not meeting the required job criteria, teams who are struggling to come together as a cohesive group

Processes used in the past
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Solution Focused strength based conversations
  • Moan-bonding
  • Choice Theory problem solving circle

Teaching Mentoring

We provide mentoring training for organizations and schools who wish to grow capacity within their staff. Past clients have requested some or all the following strategies; why not ask us for more information? We can tailor this to organization or school’s needs

  • Observation process
  • Understanding what you see and what it means
  • Creation of bench marks
  • Giving feed back
  • Understanding and managing behaviour change
  • Video practice