What the Europeans say

“Margaret, Thank you for your great advice and mentoring these two years. I have truly been inspired by your knowledge and skills with both young and not-so-young people (also called candidates!). I have had a ridiculous steep learning curve which I know that will be of great value both for me personally and professionally.”
Cohort 4 Teacher
Teach First Norway JUNE 2015

“It’s rare to find a humble, funny and generous expert. If you work with young people, follow Margaret Ross, @helpbehaviour”
Owen Morse
Teach First Wales- Partner School Contact- Cardiff, Wales OCTOBER 2014

Dear Margaret!
“Thank you so much for all your inspirational input over the last few weeks. You have encouraged us all to look closer at our own practice and how we can be better at what we do in order to create the best learning environment for our children. We hope to see more of you in the future and that this was the beginning of a long lasting relationship. We wish you a safe trip home. Thank you once again”
“From all of us at Tiurleiken Skole” Oslo, Norway- OCTOBER 2013

Margaret was-
“Extremely interesting- very knowledgeable, answered all questions and made it relevant and engaging”
“Really interesting, practical advice, adapted session to questions posed. Engaging. Seems manageable on Monday”
“Very inspirational and some great ideas/theory which have helped me to reflect upon my practice and the way in which I speak with/motivate more challenging staff and students”
“Great speaker, excellent probing ideas, etc! Linked to situations we are used to in schools on a regular basis. Very thought provoking.”
Teaching Leaders Participant (London)- February 2013

“One of my favorite parts about the Summer Institute was, without a doubt, Margaret Ross. After reviewing our timetable one early Manchester morning, we noticed the surreptitiously named ‘Managing Behaviour’ lecture. In walked Margaret, a combat- hardened New Zealander, whose battleground was the classroom. Armed to the teeth with the psychology of teenagers, she can show you how to organise the rabble into a structured and well-behaved group of students.”
TeachFirst – North West England UK – July 2012

“Margaret was humourous, engaging and didn’t over complicate the day focusing us on underlying reasons for behaviour and most important what to do about it.
TeachFirst- Year One participant – UK – 2012

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