Motivation of the un-motivated (mindfulness)

Our motivation courses focus on understanding what motivation is and using this understanding to teach students and other workers to motivate themselves…we focus on internal motivation (mindfulness) to make positive changes rather than external motivation…The greatest reward is success itself!

These courses are suitable for whole staff in service, Year 2 teachers and beyond, teachers who struggle with students who under achieve through lack of engagement.

What might a day course include?


  • Definition of motivation
  • How does motivation break down into skills that can be taught?
  • Research tell us…
  • Self-efficacy
  • Rewards – how do they work?
  • Strategies that teach self-direction and purpose

Goal setting

  • Defining goals and how we use them
  • Performance v Mastery
  • Self-efficacy
  • Breaking down goals
  • Setting mastery goals
  • How to teach and mentor others through goal setting