Meet Margaret

M.Ed, Higher Dip Teaching, Cert counselling (London)

Margaret has a background of over 35 years in education. She has taught and held management positions in schools in Inner London, Nigeria and New Zealand. She trained in inner London with a group of Educational Psychologists.

Her specialities are relationship building, motivation, behaviour management and their practical application in a school or work environment.

Today she runs courses and provides educational services for teachers, parents, health professionals, charities and corporate organisations in NZ, UK and Norway who are seeking professional development which is practical, effective, easy to translate into the work place and FUN!!

Margaret, we are delighted with the outcome of your four days with us. You quickly forged a high-trust and positive rapport with our teachers and the feedback is that they found the PD relevant, informative and well delivered. You have great presentation skills and it has been a pleasure to have your input in our school, this will not be the last you hear from us!

Deputy Principal, Christchurch

Margaret does not beat around the bush! She is extremely interesting and funny. She has great pointers that can realistically be used in the classroom. The stand-up comedian of education!

Primary Principal, New Plymouth

Looks like a big point, Tauranga workshop
Taking a break Oslo Norway
A good old fashioned brain storm