What we do in Europe

We at help! have a focus on the actions that change behaviour to provide a positive outcome for all. Based on sound theoretical framework and translated into simple strategies that have quick and lasting positive effect in the classroom, staffroom, or workplace, we provide you with the results that you seek. You will be able to master our simple yet effective approach immediately.

Margaret is currently working in schools in both Norway and the UK on an on going basis. She has a close and continuous working relationship with Teach First UK, Manchester University, Teach First Norway and The City of Oslo Education Agency.

If you would like to join these organisations and share Margaret’s expertise or just like more information please contact us through the website “contact us” section or email margaret@helpbehaviour.co.nz directly. We look forward to working with you.

Teaching Collaboration in Oslo, Norway

6 years of Teach First Norway


Teaching listening skills, Oslo, Norway”

Feeling very proud of the results, Manchester, UK”

Maths lesson observation, Coventry, UK